Cayenne Pepper will improve your Health!

Cayenne Pepper has a rich history of therapeutic use! Cayenne Pepper has been used for anti-inflammatory, cleansing, detoxifying, circulation, heartburn, delirium, out, tremors, paralysis, flatulence, fever, sore throat, hemorrhoids, tonsillitis, nausea, decongestant, flu, anti-fungal, digestion, arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, and countless more remedies!  Check out this video below from !

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Man attempts to summit Mt. Everest in nothing but shorts and sandals!

Using his own style of breathing techniques, Wim Hof has accomplished some amazing feats! In 2007 he climbed up to 22,000 feet on Mt. Everest wearing only shorts and shoes.  In 2011 Wim set the Guinness Book of World Records Ice Endurance record. He stayed submerged in a tank of […]

identity theft

9 Ways To Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft happens to millions of Americans every year!  In 2015, there were 13.1 million victims of id theft reported by a study done by JavelinStrategy.  The same study also reported over $15 BILLION in losses related to someone’s identity being stolen! Keep yourself protected by following these 9 simple ways […]

Top Ten Happiest Countries to Live!

Top Ten Happiest Countries to Live! People all over the world wore asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from zero to ten.  According to the OECD Better Life Index,  European nations turned out to be the happier countries. According to the OECD study, they noticed […]

top ten happiest countries sweden

The direction of your ceiling fan can greatly improve the air temperature in your home!

Is your Ceiling Fan Spinning in the Right Direction?

We may not think much of ceiling fan direction very often.   In the summertime months, it can get super hot inside your home!  We will try to find any way possible to keep it fresh! There are certain directions that you want your ceiling fan to spin depending on […]

Is your MacBook Pro Experiencing Video Issues?

Do you have an old  MacBook Pro Experiencing Video Issues? Recently I discovered that Apple has a program to repair your MacBook Pro at no cost to you (depending on the issue)! The repair program covers the following symptoms: Distorted image and/or scrambled video No video will show on screen or external […]

MacBook Pro Video Issues

Off-Grid Shipping Containers

Australian Couple Lives On Mountaintop in Off-Grid Shipping Containers

  For three and a half years, deep in the Australian bush, Paul Chambers and his wife Sarah have lived in two 40 foot high Off-Grid Shipping Containers. They are entirely off the grid with no municipal power or water source. The couple had lived an ideal life in Scotland, […]

Icelandic Scientists Find Solution to Carbon Emissions

Icelandic Scientists are working on a project that is turning Carbon Emissions into solid stone. Carbon emissions affect our planet on a massive level.  We have yet to find a good solution to eliminate and store these byproducts of our industrial society.  The technique involves injecting the CO2 gas into […]

Find out if Google is recording your web searches and voice records!

In this age of technology and mass data collection, much of what we search for on the internet is recorded and saved in a database. This data will essentially exist for all time. Most of us use Google products because of their streamlined use and ease. With this ease there […]

2 Spiritual Nuns Heal Health Issues Using Marijuana

In California, there are two spiritual nuns that have a mission to heal health issues using Marijuana. Darcy Johnson was working at a local fast food joint, attending a community college, and growing marijuana at her home in Washington State. A friend of hers introduced her to an older spiritual woman […]

Mayan City Found 15 Year Old Locates Lost City

A 15 Year Old  locates lost Mayan City with Google Earth!   William Gadoury located a lost Mayan city using “Google Earth” along with a star constellation map.  This young Canadian discovered a correlation between constellation maps and the position of 117 Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. When he […]

mayan city


Conan O’Brien Slash shop Craig’s List Guitars

Conan O’Brien Slash shop Craig’s List Guitars together in this hilarious video segment! I’m surprised that some of the people didn’t seem to recognize who they were at first, or just seemed super relaxed while trying to play it cool.  You never know what you are going to find when […]

Proper Posture Can Change Your Life!

Proper Posture Can Change Your Life! Are you practicing proper posture techniques?  You may be slouching as you read this.  In today’s modern workplace and home environment, we tend to let our distractions sidetrack a simple thing such as proper posture.  Since beginning my posture exercises, I have noticed significant […]

The weight carried by the spine increases when flexingthe neck atvarying degrees. An adult head weighs ten to twelve pounds in the neutral position. Asthe head tilts forward, the forces felt by the neck surges to twenty-seven pounds at fifteen degrees, forty pounds at thirty degrees, forty-nine pounds at fourty-five degrees, and sixty pounds at sixty degrees.

Check Emotional Baggage In 3 simple clicks!

Check Emotional Baggage In 3 simple clicks!

All to often we see people posting personal complaints and problems on social networks.  Instead of ignoring them outright, perhaps tell them to.. Check emotional baggage at this unique website called ““. It was created by Robyn Overstreet as a way to spread kindness through music and heartfelt messages. At first glance […]

Amazing Farmer Battles a Wildfire with a Tractor!

With dry weather conditions comes dry croplands, when this grass fire started to spread out of control… This amazing farmer took it on with his tractor!  Eric Howard of Colorado, fired up his John Deere tractor to head to the rescue.  A local thunderstorm had brought heavy lighting to an […]

amazing farmer risks life putting out field fire

South Park Trey Parker's College Animation

South Park Creator Trey Parker’s Lost College Animation Project

South Park Creator, Trey Parker, created this video when he was a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This animated clip on American History had won him the Student Acadamy Award.  He made this rare video with his friend Chris Graves; featuring his supposed Japanese roommate, whom spoke rough […]

Mars in 3 Days?

Mars: How would you like to take a trip to Mars in only 3 days tops?  What used to be science fiction is now becoming closer and closer to science fact. A physics professor at the University of California named Philip Lubin is figuring out just that.. His team plans […]

earth to mars

ski better

Think you can ski better than this guy?

Candide Thovex, a French skier, has created one of the most epic skiing videos! If you can ski better than this,. let me know ! 😀 Candide Thovex (born 22 May 1982) is a French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is notable for his unique, creative approach to the […]

Incredible Art Turned Into Innovative Door!

For some people a door is just a door, for Austrian artist Klemens Torggler, a door is a functional piece of art. Torggler’s doors are made with rotating squares which move kinetically without the use of any traditional sliding door tracks. Torggler created these amazing doors based off of his […]

Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy involves the art of transmutation energies and the transmutation of the self. The different fields of spiritual alchemy include. Transmuting negative energies into positive. Being clairvoyant and using healing/distant healing. Fulfilling Enlightenment. Body Health and Anti-Aging. Knowledge of energy principles. Knowledge of nature and creation. The goal of […]