2 Spiritual Nuns Heal Health Issues Using Marijuana


In California, there are two spiritual nuns that have a mission to heal health issues using Marijuana.

Darcy Johnson was working at a local fast food joint, attending a community college, and growing marijuana at her home in Washington State. A friend of hers introduced her to an older spiritual woman named Sister Kate, also known as Christine Meeusen. In 2011, Congress allowed the USDA to count two tablespoons of tomato paste as a vegetable thus allowing a pizza to become a vegetable. In protest of this, Sister Kate started dressing like a nun. Soon thereafter, she decided to start a medicinal cannabis company with the goal to eliminate the negative stories surrounding the controversial plant. Sister Kate believes in the healing powers of medicinal marijuana. The Sisters are not associated with the Catholic Church. Sister Kate says. “If you look up what makes up a sister, there are five elements. … We live together, we wear the same clothes, we take a vow of obedience to the moon cycles, we take a vow of chastity (which we don’t think requires celibacy), and a vow of ecology, which is a vow to do no harm while you’re making your medicine.”

Sister Darcy starts her “Bible time” by responding to inquiries from email and Facebook. She believes that taking time to respond to people in pain, brings them closer to God. Daily routines for the Sisters of the Valley include creating topical salves, tinctures, and oils made from hemp extract. Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is an active ingredient in cannabis. This ingredient supposedly provides a relief from different ailments such as pain, PTSD, diseases, and various other factors. The sisters claim that that their hemp products contain no psychoactive ingredients and that it is legal to ship hemp products as long as the THC content is less the one percent. They claim to infuse their products with healing power rituals, while only manufacturing from the new moon to the full moon.

To start the creation and healing process, they hold a ceremony under the stars to bless their work-space and give thanks to Creator God and Mother Goddess for the work they do. Using techniques borrowed from the Natives, they bless the hemp with sage before scooping the hemp into jars for preparation. After the products are finished, they are then sold for therapeutic purposes for a variety of ailments depending on each individuals problems. The Sisters of the Valley hope to grow abbeys across the country over the next few years. There soul mission is to continue to help people in need and unite other women to spread their healing products to those in most need. If you would like more information and the source of information from this article, here are some following links to check out!