Mayan City Found 15 Year Old Locates Lost City

mayan city

A 15 Year Old  locates lost Mayan City with Google Earth!


Wyucatanilliam Gadoury located a lost Mayan city
using “Google Earth” along with a star constellation map.  This young Canadian discovered a correlation between constellation maps and the position of 117 Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

William Gadoury

William Gadoury

When he compared one of the constellations to the corresponding satellite maps,  he noticed that there was one city that did not show up on any records of existing cities.  He then started his quest to search through satellite imagery taken by various Space Agencies.  This revealed what appeared to be a pyramid and thirty other buildings which he has identified as a 118th city.

Goudery initially didn’t know why the Maya built their cities in such remote places far from any major river/water source.  He later realized that the Mayans worshiped the stars and built the cities to line up with with them.  William came up with the idea to compare star maps to actual satellite maps.  He found 23 constellations in the Maya Madrid Codex.  Upon overlaying the images he was able to connect the dots between cities aligning them with the star map.  With the help of the Canadian Space Agency and satellite image websites, he was able to get a hold of images dating from 2005.  During that year, a great fire devastated the region, allowing satellites to capture clearer images of the lost city discovered.


William has called this newly discovered city “The Fire Mouth.”  It supposedly has a pyramid of 86 meters and an area of 80 to 120 square kilometers.  It also has a large network of streets and alleys, 30 visible structures from space, and would be the 4th Largest Mayan City.  Due to the remote location and the cost involved,  the area has yet to be explored on foot.  Aside from his research en-devours, William is an avid student, and his mother has declined request for interviews for at least two weeks to allow him to focus on school.  The teen has already raised more than one-thousand dollars to allow him to travel to the International Science Expo in Brazil.  He hopes to use any money left over from the trip for his own trip to the city he has discovered in the Yucatan Peninsula.

the fire mouth