Top Ten Happiest Countries to Live!

Top Ten Happiest Countries to Live!

People all over the world wore asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from zero to ten.  According to the OECD Better Life Index,  European nations turned out to be the happier countries.

According to the OECD study, they noticed almost no difference in life satisfaction levels between men and women across the world.  The primary contributing factor to the happiest countries was the education standards of the citizens. As people who only completed primary school had an average life satisfaction level of 5.7, as opposed to those with higher education at a level of 6.9 life satisfaction.


10. Sweden


  • top ten happiest countries swedenStarting out with the top ten Happiest Countries is Sweden!
  • Boasting of thousands of inland lakes, coastal islands, forests, and mountains, this Scandanavian country is a one of a kind!
  • Alternative and renewable energy sources make up nearly fifty percent of the Swedes energy production!
  • Research and Design are essential, as they invest high amounts of the gross domestic product as a whole.
  • Generously giving over one-percent of their economic earnings to aid underdeveloped countries, the Swedish are very giving.

9. Australiatop ten happiest countries australia

  • Australia, otherwise known as “The Land Down Under,” is the smallest continent in the world and is the 6th largest country in the world.
  • Most of the population lives around its coastline.
  • Contributing to the happiness of this country is its many reefs, beautiful beaches, and multicultural diversity.
  • One can catch a musical performance at the historic Sydney Opera House, go diving at the Great Barrier Reef, or just “throw some shrimp on the barbie!”

8. Netherlandstop ten happiest countries netherlands

  • Canals, tulip fields, cycling routes, and windmills, fill this Northwest European country!
  • The city of Amsterdam has been a popular tourist attraction for many years.
  • This eccentric culture is known for it’s multilingual and multicultural diversity.
  • Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2001 and was the first country to legalize gay marriage.
  • The Netherlands population loves cycling so much that there is an estimated amount of 18 million bicycles in the country.
  • So grab your clogs and hop on a bike and enjoy the countryside!


7. Canadatop ten happiest countries canada

  • Canada stretches from the United States all the way to the Arctic Circle in the north.
  • This country is home to many of the most educated residents in the world.
  • Over half of its residents have college degrees!
  • With more than 250,000 lakes, it is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.



  • Canada also has the largest coastline and international border in the world.
  • In recent years, Canada has been known for its publicly funded and free healthcare services. Oh, Canada!

6. New Zealandtop ten happiest countries new zealand

  • New Zealand is nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and is made up of two main islands.
  • New Zealand is home to Blue Lake and has the clearest water in the world.
  • If you have a fear of snakes, worry no more as there are no native land snakes here! It has some of the most diverse natural landscapes in the world and the people here are some of the nicest you will meet.
  • If you love the sea and isolation, this is the place for you!
  • This lush and exotic island nation is home to the longest place names (a hill) in the world, Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu!
  • Say that ten times fast!
  • One can be anywhere on the island and only be about 80 miles away from the ocean!

5. Finlandtop ten happiest countries finland

  • Finland is a Northern European nation border-lining Sweden and Russia.
  • Finland another highly educated country.
  • According to a 2007 UNICEF report, Finland had the highest level of academic achievements of all surveyed countries for math, reading, and sciences.
  • One of the top sports in Finland is Rally Cross, drivers from this country have won more World Rally Championships than any other country in the world!
  • Another neat fact is that there are more saunas than cars in Finland, no wonder why these folks are so happy!
  • Finnish people love their coffee; they drink an estimated amount of 26 pounds of coffee per year. For you Santa fans, Santa Claus officially lives in a house built on the top of the Arctic circle outside of the town of Rovaniemi.
  • Recovering 9 out of 10 plastic bottles, and nearly 100% of glass bottles, Finnish love to recycle!

4. Icelandtop ten happiest countries iceland

  • Iceland is a Nordic island nation covered in volcanic landscapes, geysers, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, and gorgeous black sandy beaches!
  • They are also some of the forerunners for using alternative energy, almost 85% of their energy comes from renewable resources. The capital of Reykjavik runs on geothermal power.
  • Volcanic eruptions happen about every four years.
  • The Icelandic language is ancient and still used today!
  • They do not use “traditional” last names, and it is a combination of the father or mother’s first name with an indication of whether they are a daughter or son.
  • The country has banned any McDonald’s restaurants from opening there.
  • Nearly all violent crime non-existent and Iceland police don’t carry guns.
  • Pack your backs and go check out the “elves” of Iceland.

3. Denmarktop ten happiest countries denmark

  • Denmark is otherwise known as the “Land of the Danes.”
  • If you like rain and snow, then this is the place for you.
  • On average, Denmark has around 170 days with precipitation, usually a mix of rain and snow.
  • The country consists of over 100 islands.
  • The Lego toys were created here in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen.
  • Hans Christian Anderson is from Denmark, this famous writer of fairy tales was born in the town of Odense in 1805.
  • Most Danes are very avid swimmers, and swimming lessons are mandatory per the school curriculum.
  • Denmark only borders one other country, which is Germany.
  • The Danish have no word for the word “please.” So, “please” check out this fascinating country if you get the chance.


2. Switzerlandtop ten happiest countries switzerland

  • With some of the most scenic views on Earth, Switzerland is located in Central Europe mountain region.
  • The Swiss have one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized nations.
  • Around 79 percent of the population aged 15 to 64 had a paid job in 2015.
  • Swiss women on average have their first child on average around the age of 30. 86 % of adults aged 25 to 64 had the equivalent of a high school diploma in 2013.
  • Take a wine tour or a gondola ride to the top of a majestic mountain!
  • For music lovers, check out the Montreux Jazz Festival in early July!
  • There are an abundant amount of beautiful places to hike and climb in the Swiss Alps.


1. Norway

  • Of all the happiest countries, Norway comes in a number one!  This Scandinavian country is full of majestic mountains, glaciers, and scenic coastal fjords.
  • Wealth and well-being are priorities here, as they topped out at number one in the 2014 prosperity index for wealth and well-being.
  • Prisoners don’t even have so bad in Norway, and all criminals have internet in their cells!
  • When publishing your book in top ten happiest countries norwayNorway, the government will purchase a thousand copies from you and spread them out to local libraries.
  • The Norwegian public universities are free for students from anywhere in the world!
  • A past King, Olav V even paid for his public transportation during his reign.
  • This philanthropic country once donated one billion USD to help save the Amazonian rainforest!
  • After three years of higher education, citizens can become police officers.


  • When Norwegians aren’t busy being super cool people, they enjoy skiing, hiking, sailing, and enjoying this magnificent countryside.