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Cayenne Pepper will improve your Health!

Cayenne Pepper has a rich history of therapeutic use! Cayenne Pepper has been used for anti-inflammatory, cleansing, detoxifying, circulation, heartburn, delirium, out, tremors, paralysis, flatulence, fever, sore throat, hemorrhoids, tonsillitis, nausea, decongestant, flu, anti-fungal, digestion, arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, and countless more remedies!  Check out this video below from !

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

2 Spiritual Nuns Heal Health Issues Using Marijuana

In California, there are two spiritual nuns that have a mission to heal health issues using Marijuana. Darcy Johnson was working at a local fast food joint, attending a community college, and growing marijuana at her home in Washington State. A friend of hers introduced her to an older spiritual woman […]