9 Ways To Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft happens to millions of Americans every year!  In 2015, there were 13.1 million victims of id theft reported by a study done by JavelinStrategy.  The same study also reported over $15 BILLION in losses related to someone’s identity being stolen! Keep yourself protected by following these 9 simple ways […]

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Mayan City Found 15 Year Old Locates Lost City

A 15 Year Old  locates lost Mayan City with Google Earth!   William Gadoury located a lost Mayan city using “Google Earth” along with a star constellation map.  This young Canadian discovered a correlation between constellation maps and the position of 117 Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. When he […]

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Check Emotional Baggage In 3 simple clicks!

Check Emotional Baggage In 3 simple clicks!

All to often we see people posting personal complaints and problems on social networks.  Instead of ignoring them outright, perhaps tell them to.. Check emotional baggage at this unique website called ““. It was created by Robyn Overstreet as a way to spread kindness through music and heartfelt messages. At first glance […]

Incredible Art Turned Into Innovative Door!

For some people a door is just a door, for Austrian artist Klemens Torggler, a door is a functional piece of art. Torggler’s doors are made with rotating squares which move kinetically without the use of any traditional sliding door tracks. Torggler created these amazing doors based off of his […]