9 Ways To Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft happens to millions of Americans every year!  In 2015, there were 13.1 million victims of id theft reported by a study done by JavelinStrategy.  The same study also reported over $15 BILLION in losses related to someone’s identity being stolen! Keep yourself protected by following these 9 simple ways […]

identity theft

MacBook Pro Video Issues

Is your MacBook Pro Experiencing Video Issues?

Do you have an old  MacBook Pro Experiencing Video Issues? Recently I discovered that Apple has a program to repair your MacBook Pro at no cost to you (depending on the issue)! The repair program covers the following symptoms: Distorted image and/or scrambled video No video will show on screen or external […]

Icelandic Scientists Find Solution to Carbon Emissions

Icelandic Scientists are working on a project that is turning Carbon Emissions into solid stone. Carbon emissions affect our planet on a massive level.  We have yet to find a good solution to eliminate and store these byproducts of our industrial society.  The technique involves injecting the CO2 gas into […]

Mayan City Found 15 Year Old Locates Lost City

A 15 Year Old  locates lost Mayan City with Google Earth!   William Gadoury located a lost Mayan city using “Google Earth” along with a star constellation map.  This young Canadian discovered a correlation between constellation maps and the position of 117 Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. When he […]

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