Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

spiritual alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy involves the art of transmutation energies and the transmutation of the self.

The different fields of spiritual alchemy include.

The goal of Spiritual Alchemy is to transform our inner-selves to reach the highest purity possible.
In traditional alchemy the goal was to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal health elixir.
In alchemy, the process of reaching the desired end state is a labor of love and understanding.  The quest to reach the finished goal or product
Is the most important thing to pay attention to.  Much like life, the important part is the journey, not where we are going.  This is where the lessons are learned and how enlightenment is achieved.
The seven stages to this process are..
1. Calcination – This involves breaking down our egos, which happens with experience and life’s challenges.  We must humble ourselves to the extent to which we are open, willing, and accepting of change.  When we diminish the ego, we are able to grasp more understanding of our spiritual and light-being existence.  This begins in the Base Chakra at the Base of the Spine.
2. Dissolution – This is represented by breaking down the artificial make up of the psyche and unifying the different energies. It includes releasing buried emotions and relinquishing cultural conditioning, therefore igniting the creative life force within.  Dissolution can be potentially painful as you face the deepest buried thoughts of your psyche.
3. Separation – Here is where we rediscover our essence and reclaim our dreams and visionary statuses.  We discover the part of us that was once rejected by our egos.  We let go of  any negative restraints and anything that does not serve our true nature.  This is the beginning of finding and being your “true self”.  We give birth to a new energy, physical rejuvenation, and spiritual health.  This begins at the Naval Chakra located near the solar plexus.  When we resolve and release our darkest and deepest emotional blockages, we release a bountiful amount of energy.  This energy has always been there, but has been cut off at the source. When the energy is released you may feel strange or feel a heightened alertness and feel like you are getting “tuned in”.
4. Conjunction – This is the empowerment of our true selves.  We join both the masculine and feminine sides of our personalities into a new system of consciousness.  It can be viewed as merging our consciousness and unconsciousness together.  You become merged with your “over-soul”.  This energy has no definition of male or female aspects, as it is merged into one.  Your true inner self is being freed from conditioned moral and societal belief systems, which helps one gain insight to clearly discern the path to achieve enlightenment.  Affirmations of this can be acknowledged by experiencing synchronicity in your life.  Conjunction occurs at the Heart Chakra, opening your self up to the universal mind. This moves beyond intuition and becomes knowingness.  
5. Fermentation – Is a two step process which begins with the death and resurrection of a new hierarchy of being.  It introduces a new life energy into the Conjunction stage to ensure its survival.  Fermentation begins with spiritual inspiration and power derived from the Universe or Ether around.  This process energizes and enlightens, takes one out of the darkness and into the golden stage of meaningful visions and colors.  Fermentation can be achieved through intense prayer, desire, personality breakdown, psychedelics, and deep meditation.  At this point we begin to be inspired by a power completely unknown to us.  We begin to rouse the kundalini and truths emerge from the Throat Chakra.  We get in touch 
with profound images from dimensions unseen.  Working together,Our Soul, Spirit, and Mind begin to create a catalyst for vast amounts of energy.
6. Distillation – This stage makes sure that no impurities from ego are merged in to the next phase of spiritual alchemy. Distillation rises above emotions and is the purification of the unborn self.  We become all that we truly are and reach our unlimited potential.  It involves raising our energy from the lower chakras to our higher body chakras.  We can experience a solid power of light which culminates into the forehead area known as the Third Eye or pineal gland.  You gain a feeling of connectedness with the entire Universe, rising to heaven and back down to earth again, and receiving the power of both above/below.  We begin to become mature enough to discover the information located within the universal mind, without being fearful of what we find there.  The darker realms that have been shut out by the ego, come to light,although they may feel dark and sinister, they are a part of our whole completeness.  We find our creative muses here and beckons us to merge higher and lower forces in a balance guided by the higher self.
7. Coagulation – In this stage, You may sense a new confidence in all things, and potentially exist on all levels of reality.  A second body of solid light is created and emerges through the crown chakra.  A resurrection of the soul occurs while bringing only the purest essence of our light bodies.  This becomes a permanent state of consciousness and is a personality strength which will survive any negative forces.  Often one will experience an out of body experience when reaching this stage.  Energy levels will be heightened to an extreme.  Your reality will exist on all inner and outer levels of existence. One will feel as they are operating on all dimensions of existence, physical and non-physical.  You will be filled with a complete feeling of of Light, Love, Life, and Serene Presence.  Some may consider this be reaching the ultimate state of enlightenment.