Is your Ceiling Fan Spinning in the Right Direction?

We may not think much of ceiling fan direction very often.

The direction of your ceiling fan can greatly improve the air temperature in your home!

Which fan direction makes you feel the most comfortable?


In the summertime months, it can get super hot inside your home!  We will try to find any way possible to keep it fresh! There are certain directions that you want your ceiling fan to spin depending on the temperature conditions.  Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Summertime Months:

  • The fan should be blowing air straight down and spinning counter-clockwise.
  • The fan should be set to medium or high depending on your preference.
  • The fan should be turned off when leaving the room to save on energy costs.

Wintertime Months:

  • The fan should be spinning clockwise to allow the air to be drawn upwards.
  • Fan spinning clockwise allows the warm air to be forced out above the blades, pushing the hot air out and down.
  • Same as Summertime, fan should be shut off when leaving room to save on energy.


Each home situation may be different, feel free to experiment with the direction settings to find an airflow suitable for your needs!   Make sure the fan is completely stopped before switching the direction, as this could cause a malfunction in the electric motor which powers it!