9 Ways To Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft happens to millions of Americans every year!  In 2015, there were 13.1 million victims of id theft reported by a study done by JavelinStrategy.  The same study also reported over $15 BILLION in losses related to someone’s identity being stolen!

Keep yourself protected by following these 9 simple ways to protect you and your family against identity thieves.

Take a “Need to Know” Approach to your personal info!

  1. identity theftIf someone calls you requesting information they should already have, verify who you’re speaking with.

  2. Some various companies may ask you security questions, but this is only when you are calling them!

  3. Be cautious of how much information you put on your personal checks, avoid self-identifiers such as social security numbers or home telephone numbers.

  4. Avoid phone calls asking for personal information where they give you a “chance”, “prize”, “reward”,or “offer.”  Tell them you are not interested and hang up.

  5. When traveling, have your mail held at the Post Office, or have someone you trust gather it for you while you’re gone.

  6. When traveling, if you need to pass on personal financial information, find a private place to make the call or a closed door telephone booth.

  7. Periodically obtain a copy of your credit report to monitor all bank and financial accounts.

  8. Keep careful watch of your banking, credit card, and financial records.

  9. Find an identity theft protection service that can give you 24/7 monitoring!