Find out if Google is recording your web searches and voice records!


In this age of technology and mass data collection, much of what we search for on the internet is recorded and saved in a database. This data will essentially exist for all time.

Most of us use Google products because of their streamlined use and ease. With this ease there may be some caveats we are unaware of. At one time, Google Voice was a very popular free service, until they started charging for it. If you used it and didn’t check your settings, there may be a saved history of any voice conversations since you used the service. Not only that, they will save every Youtube and Google search you have ever made while signed in to Google’s Services. While people may be huge fans of their services, some may have certain privacy concerns. If you are curious to see what kind of personal information Google has been storing, there are a few simple places to review your information.

With the following links you can check to see what Google has been storing and even delete any records they may have stored! As of now there are six different categories where you can check to see which information they are storing.  Whether or not it actually deletes it permanently or not, I can’t be sure.. but at least it may give you somewhat peace of mind to delete it or disable it. Follow the illustrated guide I have provided below to check out and delete your Google history! Follow these five easy steps!